As they kissed he easily lifted her up, she wrapped her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck. He cupped her little ass with his hands, as their tongues danced like they had kissed a thousand times before. He moved them towards the bed and sat down with her still straddling his lap. His hands found a new target under her shirt and he lifted it up and over her head. She worked the buttons on his shirt while he unclasped her bra and tossed it aside. He drank in the sight of her spectacular breasts with his eyes, then lay on his back moving her up against his body until her tits were at his mouth. He attacked each one with his mouth, kissing, nibbling, and sucking her nipples. They responded becoming erect and sending shivers throughout her body. She could feel a large bulge hardening under her crotch, and she gyrated and pressed her pelvis down onto him. He lifted his hips as they ground into each other, then she straightened up and unbuckled his belt and jeans button and zipper. He lifted his hips allowing her to get his jeans and undershorts off. The source of the hard bulge was now released, as she put her hands on him making it even harder. He stood her up beside the bed and turned her around, he kissed her back as his hands were on her boobs again. He undid her jeans button and proceeded to peel them over her amazing ass. She steeped out of them and turned around to face him again. He kissed her belly as he hooked his fingers on the side straps of her thing panties and pulled them seductively downward to her ankles. And there she was, totally naked in front of him. She crawled on top of him as he scooted towards the center of the bed, he then flipped positions and now she was on her back. He laid little kisses on her body working his way down her belly. He stopped just above her pussy and skipped over it, she was moving her hips in anticipation of his mouth, but he moved to her legs and thighs. He kissed her and tasted her all the way to her ankle and then started back up with the other leg. This time her anticipation was relieved as his mouth and tongue found her sweet pussy and clit. She was amazed at how well he knew what he was doing, and she knew this was not going to take long. His tongue continued to work magic on her clit and she felt her orgasm fast approaching. She grabbed his head with her hands and dug her heels into his back. He turned his hands loose of her tits and cupped her ass as she raised her hips, grinding her pelvis into his face. Her orgasm hit hard as she shuddered, thrashing her head from side to side, and she let out a primal yell. The feeling was overwhelming as he lapped up her juices, and continued to kiss and lick all around her pussy. When the feeling of her orgasm began to subside, she petted his head and cooed. She pulled his head up towards hers and she spread her legs wide, her pussy was now hungry and he guided himself towards her, rubbing his cock head over her wet honey pot. When he put his penis at the opening, she grabbed his ass and pulled him into her, he sank in slowly and all the way to the base. He held there buried for a moment then started a rhythmic motion that was slow but became more and more powerful. She was getting close again as he pounded into her, her ankles were on his shoulders as this huge man drove into her faster and harder. As her orgasm came upon her, her pussy clamped down on his cock bringing him to an explosive climax. He growled like an animal as he filled her with his sperm, her head was thrashing again and she screamed loud and long. They collapsed onto the bed panting and giggling as they stroked each other. They stared into one another's eyes then drifted off into the sleep of lovers.